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After getting her back from the paint shop in February, Cleo flew 146 hours in 2016. It could have been more, but some trip cancellations and unplanned maintenance resulted in a little less flying than originally planned. I did make my first international flight with a visit to the Canadian Rockies. The goal of Alaska has unfortunately slipped into 2017...

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KRAL Riverside, CA, February 2016
N28819 has a beautiful new paint job! I figure I hail from the 70's and so does she, so stuck with a color scheme and design similar to the original. The folks at Flying Kolors Aero Paints did a really thorough job, and I feel kind of bad having her out on the ramp in the sun and elements instead of a hangar. Hangars are expensive around here though... Some photos from the painting process are here.

L54 Agua Caliente Springs, CA, March 2016
Some nice afternoon lighting during a short hop over the mountains to Agua Caliente.

Offshore from La Jolla, CA, May 2016
Having followed the transport of the space shuttle Endeavour to the California Science Center in 2012, I of course had to take the opportunity to chase the external tank that was being shipped to join the display. "ET-94" was barged out from the Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans where it was built, through the Panama Canal, and into San Diego for customs. Here it is enroute to Marina del Rey. It was subsequently towed through the streets of LA to the CSC.

KRTS Reno-Stead, NV, June 2016
This year's Hayward Air Rally flew to a new destination, Reno-Stead Airport, the home of the Reno Air Races. I retained ownership of the Halstead Trophy by winning in the Master's Class again.

Over Osoyoos Lake, BC, CAN, July 2016
My big trip for the summer was to be a flight to Alaska. The group of us who were going had convened at our staging point in Oregon. Unfortunately, once there, weather forecasts looked increasingly discouraging and ultimately the group decided to cancel the trip. I figured since I was already packed for a trip, with my passport, customs sticker, Canadian charts, and various other paperwork, I needed to at least fly across the border and spend a little time in Canada.

The border crossing procedure was pretty straightforward. It boils down to: Notify Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA) of your intended arrival airport and time. I was instructed to contact them by telephone upon landing in Canada. For the actual flight, be on an international flight plan, which in this case was a typical US VFR flight plan filed with (US) Flight Service, and get a discrete squawk code from (US) ATC prior to crossing the border.

Osoyoos Lake straddles the border near Oroville, WA where I made the crossing. This was the view northbound just inside Canada.

CYLW Kelowna, BC, CAN, July 2016
Final approach to Kelowna Airport. ATC in Canada wasn't too much different than from here in the US, except they use words like "decimal" and "circuit".

CYLW Kelowna, BC, CAN, July 2016
My first international stop in a GA aircraft! Canadian customs turned out to be a breeze. I called CBSA as directed upon arrival. They asked if anything had changed from my original declarations. I said no. They said enjoy your visit! (And I did!)

CYRV Revelstoke, BC, CAN, July 2016
Revelstoke is about 80 miles 140 kilometers 75 nautical miles north of Kelowna, and where I tied the plane down during my stay. I would have preferred flying further into the Rockies and stopping at Golden, but it happened to be easier getting a rental car at Revelstoke.

0S7 Oroville, WA, July 2016
Returning to the United States was a little more of a production than entering Canada. There is no regular customs presence at Dorothy Scott International Airport in Oroville, WA, but by prior arrangement, two customs officers came out from the highway border crossing and checked me out upon my return.

Over the Las Vegas Strip, NV, August 2016
I flew to Las Vegas with a friend to attend a conference. On departure from North Las Vegas airport, we were vectored over the Las Vegas Strip.

KVIS Visalia, CA, November 2016
Although my engine was overhauled only a couple years prior, and had only about 400 hours on it, I spent much of 2016 dealing with low compression readings on first one, and eventually all cylinders. This ultimately led to a top overhaul, handled by Ly-Con and Aircraft Mechanical Services in Visalia. Unfortunately, while the proximate cause of the low compression appeared to be excessive valve deposits inhibiting proper seating, it's not clear what caused that situation to develop in the first place. I just hope it doesn't happen again.

Over KLPC, Lompoc, CA, November 2016
I decided flying was the most convenient way to get to this Atlas V launch at Vandenberg AFB. It also offered the best vantage point!

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