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2011 brought another 150 hours of flying. I got a new windshield, windows, and headliner installed at the end of the year during annual, so I'll be seeing more clearly for next year's flying!

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Over Coronado, CA, February 2011
The Centennial of Naval Aviation kicked off in San Diego with a unique Parade of Flight featuring a variety of old and new aircraft that saw service in the US Navy. I got myself a birds-eye view from 10000' overhead and the rare chance to see the Blue Angels from above! (This photo also won AvWeb's Picture of the Week.)

KMFR Medford, OR, March 2011
The red carpet treatment at Medford Air.

L54 Agua Caliente, CA, April 2011
A stargazing trip to Agua Caliente. Cleo is backlit by the lights from Imperial.

BDN Bend, OR, June 2011
A formation departure from Bend after the Hayward Air Rally this year. My rally performance has been going downhill - this year I came in third. For more information on the Rally, see Photo Credit: Jeff Zalewski, Race 20.

KTIW Gig Harbor, WA, June 2011
After the rally this year, I visited the Olympic Peninsula.

KCVO Corvallis, OR, June 2011
I also got an aerobatic ride from a friend who has an Extra 300 based at Corvallis. A more appropriate photo would have been a snapshot during inverted flight, but I was too busy enjoying the experience to have the presence of mind to take a photo like that. Maybe next time.

KRIF Richfield, UT, September 2011
A fuel stop enroute to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone. A brief downpour passed through while grabbing lunch there.

KJAC Jackson, WY, September 2011
The weather was ideal the entire time at Yellowstone, with the exception of the day I hopped from Jackson to West Yellowstone. Gusty winds that day made for a bumpy ride over the mountains.

Over Yellowstone National Park,
September 2011
The Grand Prismatic Spring is quite striking from the air!

KAUN Auburn, CA November 2011
Ready to go with a new windshield!

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