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2010 was a busy year, including separate trips to Washington, Idaho, and Colorado. Combined with the usual bunch of local flights and some formation flight training with a couple other Tiger owners, it added up to 165 hours.

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Over San Diego County, CA, January 2010
I bought a portable O2 system towards the end of 2009, and tried it out for the first time in the new year. It took a while to get up there, but 17500' came pretty easily on a cold winter day. The winds were quite remarkable too, and coming down, I hit a groundspeed of 252 kts.

KBIH Bishop, CA, January 2010
A day trip with another Tiger up the Owens Valley to Bishop.

O24 Lee Vining, CA, March 2010
Another trip up the Owens Valley, this time to the rim of Mono Lake and Lee Vining Airport. It's a walkable couple of miles into town for lunch.

2W3 Swanson, WA, June 2010
I left Cleo decked out with full Hayward Air Rally regalia after the competition this year. I was hoping for a repeat win, but managed a respectable second place finish despite a bleak pitstop at Redding: After refueling, the plane wouldn't start! The guys at the Redding Jet Center sent my magneto out for a quick teardown and repair. After a four hour delay, I was back on my way. For more information on the Rally, see
After the rally, I winged my way north to Friday Harbor and Bellingham before stopping at this quiet little field.

KSPB Scappoose, OR, June 2010
Mike Dennis, founder of Oregon Aero, was the guest speaker at the Hayward Air Rally this year. His presentation of the story behind his company was interesting and entertaining... and a good sales pitch. I stopped at their offices to pick up a seat cushion on my way home. My back would always start hurting after extended trips, and I was feeling it on this trip. I've not been bothered since, so his cushion gets my endorsement!

Over Mammoth, CA, June 2010
Some nice scenery heading home.

KBJC Denver, CO, July 2010
I decided to try the Colorado Pilots Association Denver-Jackpot Air Classic this year. Unlike the Hayward Air Rally, this one emphasized speed over precision. Given a speed handicap based on the performance of your specific aircraft, get from Denver to Rock Springs, WY to Jackpot, NV as fast as possible.

06U Jackpot, NV, July 2010
There were only a few aircraft in this year's event. I collected 2nd out of 4 in my category, plus some ancillary awards for predicted leg time and fuel consumption (showing my Hayward pedigree). This event saw me fly 15 hours in a 52 hour period. And no back pains with that Oregon Aero cushion!

01CL Swansboro, CA, August 2010
My first time at a private field - A hangar party at Swansboro.

KMYL McCall, ID, October 2010
Checking NOTAMs ahead of time helped prepare me for this sight - Construction around the main runway resulted in the taxiway being used as a temporary runway.

3S8 Grants Pass, OR, October 2010
Home of Chief Aircraft, a vendor I use often.

Over Corona, CA, December 2010
The night before, I was on my way back from the Bay Area and decided to make an impromptu fuel stop at Corona. Although the ASOS was broadcasting, I could find no airport beacon or runway lights from even a couple miles away. Then in the faint moonlight I realized the place was underwater! This was the view the next day...

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