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I flew 150 hours in 2009. The good news is that it meant I visited lots of pretty places. The bad news is that at this rate, I'm within maybe three years of an expensive engine overhaul.

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KSAN San Diego, CA, February 2009
After more than a dozen years in San Diego, I finally had reason to fly into Lindbergh Field after being fogged out of Montgomery.

KABQ Albuquerque, NM, April 2009
We flew with a Mooney to Albuquerque, a non-stop flight marked with 40+ kt. tailwinds most of the way.

KSJN St. Johns, AZ, April 2009
On the way back from Albuquerque, we stopped at St. Johns for fuel. The Philips 66 sign survived a lot of years, according to the attendant, but were blown out by the 50 kt. winds of a couple days before.

L71 California City, CA, May 2009
A random cheap fuel stop...

KBDN Bend, OR, June 2009
This year was the second year I competed in the Hayward Air Rallyi, and this year, I won! The rally consists of two flight legs on which you're scored on flight time and fuel burn predictions. This year's course was from Hayward to Redding to Bend. For more information, see

8S1 Polson, MT, June 2009
After the rally, I continued north to Glacier National Park. After dodging some afternoon thunderstorms, I stopped at Polson for fuel prior to heading into Kalispell. Of note - the pilot lounge was unattended, but had signout sheets and keys to three courtesy vehicles.

8S0 Browning, MT, June 2009
The main highway through Glacier, Going-to-the-Sun road, hadn't opened yet when I was there. Instead, I took a hop over the Continental Divide, and made a random stop at this unattended airstrip on the prarie.

KMHV Mojave, CA, August 2009
A carefully timed fuel stop led to Cleo being on the ramp right next to White Knight Two.

L52 Oceano, CA, September 2009
Oceano was a lunch stop on the way to a friend's wedding up in Santa Rosa. Mama's Meatball was a tasty Italian restaurant within walking distance of the airport.

KOLM Olympia, WA, October 2009
A gloomy day at Olympia made for some good instrument approach practice.

KAUN Auburn, CA, December 2009
While at Auburn this year for Cleo's annual inspection, the biggest snowstorm they've had in decades came through. The runway was under 6 inches of snow for most of the day until it got plowed.

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