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It's obvious to me now that this site is going to only get one update a year...
2008 saw nearly 150 hours of flying, with two more trips to within gliding distance of Canada. I added a JPI engine monitor during this year's annual inspection.

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KMPI Mariposa, CA, March 2008
The first notable trip of the year was a weekend at Yosemite.

KLAS Las Vegas McCarran, NV, April 2008
Cleo on the ramp next to her much bigger brother. For a day trip, McCarran is conveniently placed right next to the Strip. Ramp fees start adding up for overnight stays.

KGCN Grand Canyon, AZ, April 2008
There's a lot of ramp space at GCN, but I guess they don't want the little guys messing with the sightseeing charters. The terminal is in the white roofed building waaaay off in the distance.

KHWD Hayward, CA, May 2008
After hearing about it for a number of years, I entered in the Hayward Air Rally this year. The Rally consists of two legs, from Hayward to Bakersfield, and then on to Palm Springs. You're scored on how close you come to your predicted flight time and fuel burn. On the ramp at Hayward, Cleo has her race numbers on...

KPSP Palm Springs, CA, May 2008
... at the other end of the Hayward Air Rally. Out of 29 entrants, I would up 7th. For more information, see

E36 Georgetown, CA, May 2008
A friend of mine moved to Oregon this year, and I took a couple trips to visit him. Georgetown is a nice, cheap fuel stop along the way.

KSLE Salem, OR, May 2008
Cleo's younger sister was spotted at Salem - at first glance, I thought it was N28820, but in fact it's N28930.

KCNY Canyonlands Airport, UT, August 2008
Another quick weekend trip, this time to Arches National Park. Google maps says 11h07m driving time. Flight time was 4h11m (505nm, non-stop). It turns out that was the second-longest single hop I've taken. The longest was a 529nm, 4h23m non-stop from San Diego to Durango, CO in a rented Tiger back in 2003.

KFHR Friday Harbor, WA, September 2008
September is too late to see the orcas, but while visiting in the area I took a friend out to the San Juan Islands. The town is a short and pleasant walk from the airport.

KBFI Boeing Field, Seattle, WA, September 2008
The Museum of Flight is on the field, in the building with the flags. It's worth a visit.

L35 Big Bear Airport, CA, December 2008
It's becoming a Christmas tradition to fly to Big Bear with my parents for lunch on Christmas. This year, it was the day after Christmas, because it snowed Christmas day.

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