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My how time flies.... it's already been more than a year since I got home with Cleo. In addition to all the flying I've done, work and life conspired to keep me from updating this site as much as I planned.

Better late than never, I suppose, so here it goes with a summary of the first year:

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L35 Big Bear Airport, CA, December 2006
I flew my parents to Big Bear Airport for lunch, 6000' up in the local mountains. It was a pretty dry winter and not much snow was there. Another Tiger happened to be on the ramp there.

L06 Furnace Creek, Death Valley, January 2007
Furnace Creek Airport is distingushed as being the lowest elevation airport in North America at -210 ft.

KAVX Catalina Island, February 2007
Good stop for a $120 bison burger. (The airport has a $20 landing fee)

KTVL South Lake Tahoe, CA, May 2007
My girlfriend at the time lived in Seattle. The plan was to fly north over Memorial Day weekend, then hopscotch down the Pacific Coast over the next week. I took two friends of mine on the first leg and dropped them off at Lake Tahoe. After lunch, I took off for Carson City, where the fuel was much cheaper...

KCXP Carson City, NV, May 2007
One of the airport guides said 'you can't miss the big green self serve tank'. It's definitely distinctive.

KTMK Tillamook, OR, May 2007
Home of cheese and ice cream and a co-worker of mine. I never made it to the air museum. Instead, we headed for the coast.
Additional stops on the trip included Crescent City and Monterey.

KORS Orcas Island, WA, July 2007
I took a second trip to Seattle during the first week of July. We flew up to Orcas Island for a camping trip. Interestingly, while there are pods of orcas in the waters off the island, the island isn't named for the whales, but after some guy with the name Juan Vicente de G├╝emes Padilla Horcasitas y Aguayo who commissioned an expedition to the area in the late 1700's. The area is quite scenic, as is the approach to the airport.

KPLU Pierce County, WA, July 2007
Back in May, Mt. Rainier spent most of the time hiding in the clouds. Here's a view from the airport on a clear day.

KOAK Oakland, CA, September 2007
Final approach at Oakland International.

KBCE Bryce Canyon, UT, November 2007
At an elevation of 7590 ft, Bryce Canyon is the highest altitude airport I've been to. I ran into an Air Force Huey pilot on a ferry flight who related the fact he'd been through Bryce Canyon in the summer when the density altitude was 16,000. I think he was full of hot air, because a density altitude that high would have meant it was around 150F.

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