My Cross-Country Adventure

My friends have always thought I was a little crazy. Well, now here's proof: I've gone and bought an airplane... which happens to be clear across the country in New York.

There's a first time for everything, so in addition to being a first-time plane owner, I'm going to become a home-made first-time blogger as well. Here is what I hope will be the story of my cross country flight.

About flight tracking

30 Nov 06: History
01 Dec 06: Packing Day
02 Dec 06: From A Distance
04 Dec 06: First Contact
05 Dec 06: I came, I saw, I bought...
06 Dec 06: Fighting Headwinds
07 Dec 06: Halfway Home
08 Dec 06: Home Stretch
09 Dec 06: About the name Cleo...